Oct. 8th, 2016

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But, never fear! I am here now and I will give you all the love, encouragement and helpful tidbits to help make this an amazeball Yule Season for us both!


I'm so glad we have at least one tiny fandom in common, that means I already love you and think you have impeccable taste!

So, I guess I bit about my likes/dislikes in general and then I'll wax poetic about my fandom loves and give you some ideas and whatnot, yes? Okay, let's begin:

Things I'm a fan of:


Character studies
Characters dealing with their shit
Relationships that just barely work, or shouldn't but somehow do.
Found families/chosen families
Journeys (both the physical of travel and also spiritual/mental)
A/Us (both canon divergent, what-ifs and completely taking the characters--though retaining what makes them them obvs--out of the canon and dumping them anywhere else (I'll give specific ideas below).
hi-jinks and shenanigans
witty dialogue
epistolary stories or elements
geography or location so rich and real it's another character

Everything on the gen list still applies, but also:
coming out
dealing with new feelings
mixed signals
sexual exploration

Things I'm less a fan of:

PWP-- I don't mind sex, or kinks, but I'd also really like some substance and reasoning coming into play. But if you're here for treats, ALL THE PORNZ!!
Incest/chan/rape fantasy
Extreme kinks-- sexual exploration is one thing, watersports/pony play is quite another. Worried you might cross the line, contact [personal profile] redsnake05 she knows where my line is.
sappy, happy, overly fluffy-- unless you're here for treats, then tell me a cute little happy story about bunnies and kitties if that's your thing. :)
character bashing

And I think that's about it. Now, on to the fandoms!

Sirens (Brian and Voodoo)

Ace myself, I'm always looking for my representation in any show I watch, so imagine how fucking jazzed I was when I met Voodoo and how very sad I was that the show was so short lived. I'd love, love, love to see anything with these two-- or even just one of them if you wanted to do some sort of character study--either more during the show's run that we didn't see, or expounding on what we did see, or, or taking us into the future. Maybe they get back together and how does that work? Can they make each other happy and if not, why not? If they just remain friends, how would that work?

Hart of Dixie (Wade, Lavon and George)

I just discovered this show a few months ago and DEVOURED it! It hits so many of my favorite things. Quirky towns people (though a bit more Gilmore Girls than Northern Exposure) and fish out of water, and also that teen-romance type thing like Dawson's Creek--it is really SOO very much Dawson's Creek for adults (I mean, come on! Zoe/Wade are SOOOOO Joey/Pacey, imorite?!?!)

And while I just put these three boys, don't feel that you can't include anyone else, or that you have to ship them with each other, or really anyone else, though you certainly can. I just really like the idea of hearing more about the town before Zoe came to town and brought us with her. So, feel free to explore more of the Lavon/Lemon relationship, or the George/Lemon or I'd love to hear about some of the shenanigans Wade, George (and Lemon) got into in highschool. (And while she wasn't nominated so feel free to ignore, I am a big, big fan of Annabell so anytime you want to include her in the shenanigans, feel free.) ♥

Really, I just want to live in the world of the show for a bit more to get over the fact that I have no more canon to consume.

Mary Poppins (Bert and Mary)

Now this love has been in my soul for pretty much my whole life and still dominates my thoughts and feelings. Basically, I still want to be Mary Poppins when I grow up.

A few ideas for you:
The Mary was Bert's Nanny Theory

Mary is a Time Lord and Bert was a Companion

Mary Poppins got expelled from Hogwarts

Basically, I am giving you permission to get freaky with this one. ;)

Dawson's Creek Any

This has always been my guilty pleasure as I was WAYYY past the age of its target audience by the time it came out. I just couldn't help it, I loved the language of it and the self-awareness of it. During the run of the show, I shipped Joey/Pacey pretty hard, I loved the relationship between Dawson/Jen in the college years and would have loved to see that played out more. I loved Jack (though I can't remember if he was actually nommed) and pretty much shipped him with everyone. Pacey and Joshua Jackson is my boo. ♥ So, any fun you want to have with any of that, go for it!

In the years that have passed since it's end, I've also toyed with the idea of Pacey/Jen after I wrote a story for Yuletide once. I'm also in love with the way the actors (mainly Joshua and James) reference and pay tribute to their time on the show. (I just mainlined the entire Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 and it made me love JVB in a way I never did while he was Dawson.) So, if you want to do something with that--not RPF really, but you know in that last episode where there were actors playing their parts? What if Dawson and the gang were just actors? What sort of hi-jinks would they get into off-set.

Or you know, a bakery AU or something. ;) Whatever... I just love these knucleheads. ♥

Northern Exposure (Joel and Marilyn)

Okay, I know I'm really limiting myself by only signing up with these two characters, so truly, write whatever inspires you in this fandom and I will love it. Last year I got this piece of amazing NE/WTNV fusion that not in a million years would I have been creative enough to actually request. So, part of me wants to just leave you a blank slate.

But... I guess I should clarify a bit why I asked for Marilyn and Joel specifically. I just love their relationship soooo much. How puzzled and frazzled she made him, how they cared about each other in a very bizarre and endearing way. Remember that time that Marilyn went to Seattle and Joel was so worried he followed her there? How adorable and unnecessary that was? God I loved that episode.. them just walking down the street doing exactly what she wants to do. ♥ ♥ So, anything that explores that relationship would be amazing.

Wonder Boys Any

I love Terry/James, but what I really, really love is the relationship between Terry and Grady. I'd just love to read more about their takes on the author/editor dynamic, more drug fueled shenanigans. Maybe they go on a road trip? Maybe they have to go and save James again in some way... or maybe he's lost somewhere and they have to piece together clues to sort out his truths and fictions to collect him. I also really love Hannah, so feel free to throw her into the mix if you'd like.

So, those are just a few ideas and suggestions, take what works, dismiss all that doesn't... or all of it really. I trust you. I trust your judgement, I mean, you love what I love, you have to be awesome. *nods*

And again, I apologize that this took so long to get up and finished. :(

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