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I am in NO WAY a Holmesian scholar! A fact, that I’m sure will become PAINFULLY obvious shortly.

You Always Remember Your First Doctor )

But enough about my thoughts and interpretations (and I know I haven't even scratched the surface!) tell me what you think. How does John Watson in all his/her many facades speak to you? Have a favorite? I'm sure that you do. Tell me about him/her.
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Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck tells the story of the Joad family as they traveled from Oklahoma to California in the midst of the Dust Bowl. It won the National Book Award and the Pulitizer Prize in 1939 and turned into a movie starring Henry Ford as Tom Joad in 1940. It is an epic, historical, sweeping American classic that tells about poverty, desperation and loss of hope.

Focus in closer and it tells the story of a family, The Joads, as they struggle to keep together when absolutely no odds are in the favor and shitty thing after another happens to them as they go from one promise of redemption to another, desperation mounting.

It’s not a happy book by any stretch. But focus even closer and it’s about one man, Tom Joad and his transformation.

Tom Joad: Who I Want to Be When I Grow Up )

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