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Fanmix for Story that Never Got Finished

1. Forget about the Rain by Trapt
2. Nothing Left to Lose by Needtobreathe
3. Us Against the World by Coldplay
4. Ain’t Gonna Lose You by Brett Dennen
5. Just Breathe by Pearl Jam
6. Walk by Foo Fighters
7. Say Hallelujah by Tracy Chapman
8. Six Cold Feet in the Ground by Hugh Laurie
9. Deal with the Devil by The Juke Joints
10. Me and the Devil Blues by Robert Johnson
11. Salt of the Earth by Bettye Lavette

Link to mix on mediafire

Mixers Notes:

I compiled this mix after reading the rough draft of a story at [community profile] originalbigbang. Sadly though, the story was not complete by posting day. But since I've worked on it and compiled it, zipped and uploaded it I thought I'd still share it.

If it inspires you to tell your own story, that would be awesome and please go with that. :))
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Dear Darling Author--

First time Yuletider so I will apologize right up front if I give you a crap ton of information and very little that is actually relevant for the task at hand. I will also apologize for not really knowing what I'm doing. Hopefully it will not interfere with your process or enjoyment of creating something amazing. And I know it will be amazing. In general I am very hard to disappoint and am VERY enthusiastic about the things I love, and of course these things I requested are things I love--A LOT. So, this should be easy and fun for you.

A bit about my likes in general and then I'll get into the nitty-gritty. I like STORY and CHARACTER and character development. I like dialogue heavy stories and emotional turmoil stories and characters dealing with their shit stories. I'm not too fussed with happily ever after but am a sucker for hopeful endings, or endings that leave something to the imagination (without reading as unfinished). I have nothing against romance and sex, but I'd like a story that might include that but not be entirely about that. I love experimental stylings, so feel free to use this opportunity to explore that epistolary story you've always wanted to write, or that second person risk you've always wanted to take. Always wanted to tell a story entirely through text messages? Go for it! Oh, which leads me to the next thing... humor. It's not necessary (especially in the Inkheart request) but it is muchly appreciated. I love me some angst too, so that's cool, but I'm a sucker for witty dialogue and hijinks. I'm also a sucker for AU and crossovers (Sorkin meets Sorkin YES PLEASE!) if those are allowed.

Now, on to the specifics:

Inkheart Trilogy--Cornelia Funke

WARNING FOR SPOILERS--IF YOU WEREN'T ASSIGNED TO ME FOR THIS STORY, PLEASE DON'T READ THIS SECTION! I can't be the only one who, after reading the series, wanted to DEVOUR all the fics in all the world about this universe and these characters! And yet, I was shocked with how little there was out there. I feel I've read them all and yet haven't had nearly enough. And yes, what is out there is mostly Mo/Dustfinger, so I feel weird asking for more, but like I said, THERE ISN'T ENOUGH OUT THERE! Their story is just RIFE with emotions and plot fills and tell-me-mores and I want them all! I want to know more about their journey to and from the land of death, I want to know more about their connection after their return. I'd also like to know more about the process of Dustfinger first coming out of the book, how was that very first meeting? How did Mo feel about the responsibility? How could it all have been different.

There is also, though, the relationship between Dustfinger and Resa. MAN, so much wasn't said in that relationship. How did Resa feel while she was reunited with Mo but still had these feelings for Dustfinger? And then to watch her husband become more and more connected and emotionally invested in Dustfinger, how did that feel? If ever there was a relationship that demanded a threesome whether emotionally or sexually, it was them, am I right?

Finally, Brianna. Ahhh, Brianna: abandoned child with so many daddy issues, so many loving the wrong man issues, the need to take care of others issues. So much to explore and expand.

So yeah, there's a lot of options for you and only one warning. Incest freaks me the fuck out, so please, please keep Dustfinger and Brianna father and daughter and nothing else, cool?

Sports Night

A few months ago, I re-watched this entire series again and fell in love all over again! (It's streaming on Netflix if you need to refresh your memory)

Don't get me wrong, I love me some delicious bantery bromance and enjoy Casey/Dan for all these reasons, but I want something a bit different here. I want the relationship between Dan and Natalie explored. Not to say there can't be Casey and Jeremy involved in some way, but I'd really like to see some Dan and Natalie being best friends (or more) and being there for each other in some way. It could be back story, future fic (maybe they both find jobs somewhere else, wind up working for drones and spending their time reminiscing) or anything else really.

Or... remember Sam? I LOVED Sam! And as much as I'd love to see the relationship of Sam and Dana explored (for many, many reasons, the major one being Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy=RL OTP) I can't help but remember how devoted Sam was to Isaac (and who doesn't love and want more Isaac fic in the world? ♥) So, their backstory would be smashing!

Of course, it goes without saying for this story, dialogue is KEY! Not saying it needs to be EXACTLY like the show, but as close to Sorkinese as you can get would be golden. :))

The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven--Sherman Alexie

♥♥ If you were assigned to me for this story, I already LOVE YOU BEYOND REASON! Sherman Alexie is one of my all time favorite authors and this book is my fave!

I listed Thomas and Victor to make it easy for you as they are featured in most of the short stories in the collection (and in a few other novels of his I believe) so there is a lot of stories you could tell about them. If you're looking for something specific in a prompt I'll just give you these hints: I am a SUCKER for road trip stories and so there's "This is what it means to say Phoenix Arizona" to guide you, but I'm also a sucker for AUs and What Ifs, so go to town with that premise. :))

But, if you're up for the challenge, my VERY favorite story in that book, my VERY favorite character is James Many Horses from the story "The Approximate Size of My Favorite Tumor." I love his sense of humor and the way he deals (and doesn't deal) with his illness. I love the relationship between him and his wife and would just love to read more from their POVs, more of their story. Tell me more about how they met. How he wooed her. They talked of imaginary children but maybe a story of why they didn't have any or if they wanted them or not. What their first fight was like, or how she dealt with his death (if you want to go that downer route). Or, if you want to tell a epistolary story, tell me what those letters "FROM THE DEATH BED OF JAMES MANY HORSES III" said, what hers said.

Anything really. If you need a refresher on this and don't have the book handy, you can find it online here.

Just a small warning on this request... I'm not saying you have to BE from the Spokane tribe to write this story, but please, please check your facts and don't assume that all tribes are alike. I'm figuring that if you are familiar enough with Alexie to offer to write it, you are aware of this, but it doesn't hurt to put that out there. I'm not Spokane myself, but I am Indian and I am from there, so yeah... get it right is all I ask (or barring that, just don't get it HORRIBLY wrong, cool?)

Lamb--Christopher Moore

Okay, this was my freebie request, the one I didn't nominate but instantly *grabby handed* when I saw it. I love this story and these characters sooooo much! ♥

But, since I wasn't expecting to ask for it, I haven't put as much thought into what exactly I want. (LOL Not that the other requests were chocked full of info) So, pretty much anything goes for this request. If you need a specific prompt, I guess what I'd really like is a continuation of the story. Biff and Maggie in their current reality, dealing with modern time and the changing beliefs of Christianity--but keep it haha funny if you can. :)) Maybe they find the second coming? How would that reunion go down?

(I might have made it painfully aware that I've not read this book in a long time, so obvs, canon accuracy isn't uber important.) ♥

That's it. Have fun! See you in a month with all the love and adoration in the world. Prepare yourself! ♥♥

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