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Day 2

In your own space, share a book/song/movie/tv show/fanwork/etc that changed your life. Something that impacted on your consciousness in a way that left its mark on your soul. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I feel like I've already covered so many things that changed my life. So I went looking to see so I wouldn't repeat myself, and I was right, SO MANY! I just really get excited about things, okay? ♥

Mostly for my own records to keep things slightly organized )

Now on to this year's love!fest ♥

Bob! )

And sorry, I don't know why there is so much space between the text and videos and I don't know how to make it be right. :(
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Day 1

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.

2 Harry Potter and a White Collar )
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Day 13

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

Yes! This gives me an opportunity to share my lovely good fortune from Day 2's bounty. See, karma, it's a ~thing~. ♥

Icons, art and a fic rec under here )

Day 14

In your own space, share your love for something fannish: a trope, cliché, kink, motif, theme, format, or fandom.

So many choices. But, let's talk about fanvids.

Vids for ALL THE FANDOMS under here )

Day 15

In your own space, talk about what you're taking away from this challenge. Did you learn something? Did you interact with new people? Or did you try out different fandoms or formats or relationships? What's changed between Day 1 and Day 15 of this challenge?

It's said, that it takes 3 weeks to turn a behavior into a habit, so this was a great start to make a few things habits. The habit to be here and participate in fandom in many different ways, the habit to think about things in new ways, to reach out to new people and the habit to not take things to overly serious all the time. To take time to concentrate on the positive, to tell people that you love them while you still can and to cherish the little things.


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banner by [personal profile] capitu

Week Two: White Collar Recs

Okay, so I just went back and checked my tags because I didn't want to rec things I've already gushed about, and was horrified to discover that I have recced very little of what I have read and loved over the years.

So, brace yourself, this is going to get ridiculous!

Shit Ton of White Collar Recs Under Here )

And holy crap that took longer than I had planned. In fact, this has taken so long, it might have to be my contribution to Caffrey/Burke Day. :( I had planned for so much more, which is sadly these days, the story of my life. *sob*
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banner by [personal profile] capitu

There are things that happen every year that I forget about until they are upon us and then I scramble to make them work. Things like Fandom Snowflake Challenge and Rectober, that I love the idea of and try and participate, but don't get done half the things I wanted.

Then there are things that have become habit and have helped me mark time in fandom for so long that I start gearing up for months (and sometimes up to almost a year before) like Yuletide.

This year is no different. It is October 2nd and I am just now reminded that Rectober is a thing that exists in the world and that it is an awesome thing that I totally want to do.

This time, unlike other times, I actually have the time and ability to really do it right. I even have built in things happening that will help me organize themes.

Week One: Random Fandom

As Yuletide noms are upon us and I am once again getting that Yuletide frenzy that washes over me from the moment noms open, I will devote the first weeks recs to stories that were written for the fest. I have a lot of things bookmarked to read from the years I've participated that I will devour this week. Also, I'll probably rec things that I already have, if there things that even now I go back and revisit. Chances are the people who visit my journal now aren't the same that were here last time. The ones who are will forgive me this, yes?

Week Two: White Collar

Columbus Day weekend I will be at the White Collar Meet Up here in the D.C. area hanging out with other fans, writers and artists and we will be writing and squeeing like mad, and I will be reading ALL THE FIC! I'm super excited about this! I will be back at the end of the week with recs of the best of what I read.

Week Three: Harry Potter

By the end of the month I will be (hopefully) done with my HoggyWarty Thinger Bobber fest fic and will be ready to read all the HP fics I've missed, or (lets be honest) go back and re-read some of my very favorites. And so I will be back here giving you a (hopefully) huge list of HP stories of many pairings and genres that you should probably just take my word for and read. ♥

Week Four: MishMash

Because, lets be honest, the chances that I make it to the fourth week are extremely slim, but on the occasion that I do, I'll keep it open to what I rec... what I read and fall in love with. Maybe some Sherlock, maybe some Doctor Who... who knows.

This shall be fun, yes?

Who else is doing this? Anyone?
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day Six

In your own space, create a fanwork. A drabble, a ficlet, a podfic, or an icon, art or meta or a rec list. A picspam. Something.

I was sitting here whining that I didn't have time for this challenge. I had too many things already on my to-do list, so I couldn't possible stop all that and just ~create~ something, could I? No, no I couldn't.

But then I realized that one of the things on my list is a different sort of art form than I'm used to, but it's still something fannish I created. Believe me, I'm much more confident in sharing my writing craft than my arts and crafts.

But, I sort of like creating things. They never come out how I envision them, and that can be frustrating, but I like to think that with each attempt I get better. The only problem is that I rarely create just for fun, I create something because I've offered to do so in an exchange or to show some flist love, and so get really super frustrated when they don't turn out right.

Which is why no one who signed up for my holiday cookies actually got any. Sorry about that.

But, enough of that, on to the pictures:
Harry Potter and White Collar Arts and Craft Shenanigans )
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 9

In your own space, rec at least 3 fanworks you thought you wouldn't like (because they weren't your fandom or they pushed against your boundaries or you thought you just wouldn't be interested) but you ended up loving.

So many choices... I could whip out that watersports fic I read a few years ago that was oddly, pleasantly not horrible. OR that fisting thing...

But, I just realized my tags are horrible and I ran out of ways to find those stories that didn't require an awkward google search.

But, these are even better. These I loved so much that I remembered where I had placed them. :)
Two Old School HP fics and one White Collar Master Opus under here )
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 2

In your own space, promote three communities, challenges, blogs, pages, Twitters, Tumblrs or platforms and explain why you love them.

Day 2's Awesome Under Here )
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Like previously stated, I'm only wanting what made you smile, sigh, love and laugh. I'm not saying there isn't value and time/place for critique and discussions about what was amiss. I'm just saying this isn't that place, this isn't that time.

One Last Stakeout--the title even sounds angsty )

Thoughts? Squees?
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Last week's wrap up of all things lovely and wonderful was fun! Lets do it again!

Like last time, I'm only wanting what made you smile, sigh, love and laugh. I'm not saying there isn't value and time/place for critique and discussions about what was amiss. I'm just saying this isn't that place, this isn't that time. I'm sure I will be back shortly with my thoughts on those things, but for now.

A very long list )
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GUYS! OMG! You would think after four years I'd be used to this... this sad emptiness that happens this time of year, this need to wrap my mind around things (even if there was no real cliffhanger this time). But nope. Again, I wish I had so many people to talk to, commiserate with, speculate with--CLING TO!

So, LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!

White Collar Hiatus Friending Meme

*banner by CamelotDesigns at Deviant Art. Meme form ~borrowed~ from [ profile] tailoredshirt

Never done one of these before. Hoping I don't make fool of self.

Also: Please help me pimp this!

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Just when I was starting to think that I am a horrible feminist (I am actually, but I'll get into that later in a different post) for loving the shows I love (heavy on the bromance with few if any awesome women roles) two things happened on those shows that made me exceedingly happy. One of them was totally expected and I totally predicted it would happen-- Elizabeth Burke KICKED MOTHERFUCKIN' ASS! ♥ I just love her so much. More on that later...

The second thing was that Molly Hooper fuckin' SHINED in Sherlock. I guess her character and transformations are open to interpretation, but I've chosen to see a bit of myself-- and a few other women I know-- in it, and will interpret her character through that filter. Others might see this other ways, and that's what makes for great dialogue and learning experiences. Please do share your own thoughts and interpretations. I'd love for this to be a place for discussion and insights.

For the sake of Law and Order I suggest you avoid all future attempts of a relationship, Molly (Spoilers obvs) )

You're right, Peter and Neal are going to KICK YOUR ASS (yeah, spoilers here too) )
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Guys, I don't think I'm ready for this. At all.

I've been mainlining Season 3 in the last day in a half to prepare myself and it's almost making it worse. But there are some good in it all and this seems a good as any time to talk about it-- before it all goes to hell. :((

Rushed Thoughts on Moz (before it all goes to shit) )

Expect mass amounts of incoherence and rigmarole later tonight/tomorrow night. Come join the shenanigans!
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I know I've been gushing about cuteness, scruffiness and whatnot like an insipid teenage fangirl, and I apologize, but, about one more?

White Collar

Let me introduce you to Neal Caffrey--


This is what got me interested in this show. And I thought it would be what kept me too...for so many reasons (for which I will show you under this cut):

Why and How White Collar Stole My Soul )

Also, hello to my new White Collar friends, thankfully I didn't have to convince any of you of the lovely, but maybe you can help a girl out--please be directing me to the good fics! I think you'll understand that I'll read ALMOST ANYTHING--any pairing any rating, any scenerio!! GIMME!GIMME!

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