tjs_whatnot: (txt--i concur) - Don't forget to vote today even if you spent last night in a coke-fueled hotel rampage

Also, haha, here are a few of Barack Obama's Undersold 2012 Campaign Slogans :)) I think my favorite is: For The Record, We Really Thought We Could Have.

And, in other news...Brian from Draco and the Malfoys, to celebrate National Novel Writing Month, has decided to write and hopefully record a new song everyday! w0w.

Alright, no more procrastination for me...back to writing.

Have a great week!
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God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it weird that I miss Colbert being on the Daily Show?

Oh yeah! It wouldn't be a celebration without a martini!!

I call this my "Bamatini"

One part Vanilla Vodka
One part Chocolate Licquer
One part Coconut Rum (Aloha)
One part Hazelnut Licquer (we're all nuts!)
One part milk (does a body good!!)
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David Gergen just said that the elections aren't over, even though all the polls are saying it was a homerun...

"It's not over because Obama is Black."

When did pundents get so truthful and blunt?

It is possible that I've forgotten about the race issue?
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Yep, here's where I stand in my politics... last time I took on of these I was so left I was almost a, I have a hard time answering anything "strongly" one way or the other...what's that about? Life lessons? I don't know...maybe I'm wishy-washy...

Ever notice we don't talk anymore? )
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This is one of the 10 people who won a chance to be back stage at the Democratic National Convention while Obama takes the stage...I can't even explain what this means to me... that this women, and her particular issues will be listened to on that historical night...

 Holly Miowak Stebing of Anchorage, Alaska
Holly, a 20-year-old Alaska Native Inupiaq, is spending her summer break from Stanford University at the First Alaskans Organization interviewing native elders about their experiences with segregation. Holly is passionate about improving healthcare access for Native Americans, and protecting Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from drilling. The 2008 presidential election is Holly's first as a voter. She says: "This was the first campaign I felt I needed to support. I don't have a lot of money, but I donate what I can because I believe in [Barack]." She will attend the convention with her mother who is the first Native American woman to pass the Alaska bar. 

Is there more reason to love this man? This campaign? I mean, it's not like he's supporting Native Issues for the votes it will garner! We have tiny voices... but we know how to use them!! Go Joebama!!

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