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I am in NO WAY a Holmesian scholar! A fact, that I’m sure will become PAINFULLY obvious shortly.

You Always Remember Your First Doctor )

But enough about my thoughts and interpretations (and I know I haven't even scratched the surface!) tell me what you think. How does John Watson in all his/her many facades speak to you? Have a favorite? I'm sure that you do. Tell me about him/her.
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Saw this pimped on [ profile] wwmrsweasleydo's journal and it looks fun so I thought I'd participate and also pimp.

I signed up for Emilio Sandoz, Dr. John Watson and Tom Joad. ♥♥

Big points if someone from my flist is the first to sign up for Remus Lupin (or one of the other few characters not taken from HP yet) and Sherlock Holmes. GOOOOOOO!

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This year's Fandom March Madness took a nasty turn against one of my favorite doctors and the actor who plays him. :(((

So, please tell me good things about Mr. Martin Freeman and/or why Dr. John Motherfuckin' Watson is a BAMF. Or, barring that, spam me with loveliness in the Sherlock/Watson/Martin Freeman variety...any Watson... Any Freeman.

Thanks in advance!

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I think this is why all my dreams last night had Martin Freeman in them. ♥♥

Holy shit! He's the last of the dudes (okay, he and Abed, but still) there's probably not a chance in hell that he'll win, but COME ON! How cool is this? Also, you should go and vote for him and the others still up. It's fun. So are the gifs an tributes in the comments.

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