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YAY! It's Chocolate Box time again! I am sooo jazzed about this! I'm going to try and keep this as short as I can, because really, for all of these? I just want MORE story. I mean, I'll give you precise prompts if I think of one, but mostly it will just be a little hint to get you in the right direction. ;)

General, my tastes are simple, yet varied enough that there's really no way that you could disappoint me. For example: I am as pumped for angsty and cracktastic, I love canon compliance and AUs.

Tropes and whatnot that I'm a sucker for:

Obviously (based on what I've requested and who I've requested) I like found families, and teams coming together for a common goal. I like hurt/comfort, epistolary, location as character, secondary characters running the show, experimental story telling style (i.e. poetry, 2nd person POV, drabble sets) GO CRAZY!

Request 1: Agent Carter

Ana Jarvis/Edwin Jarvis
Peggy Carter & Howard Stark
Peggy Carter & Edwin Jarvis
Peggy Carter & Ana Jarvis
Peggy Carter & Ana Jarvis & Edwin Jarvis

Ahhh, this show is so great and kick-ass and I love it, but for this, I sort of want wit and hi-jinks, people who are really good at most things to be really bad (or at the least, in need of help) in others. So maybe Peggy needs Jarvis to teach her to dance and in turn, he wants her to teach him how to do one of the many things Peggy excels at-- and Ana and or Howard watches from the sidelines and offer pointers/criticisms. Or Howard needs a favor and Peggy has some demands of her own. Really anything with any of these characters would be awesome, though I'd really only like romance with Ana and Edwin, maybe something domestic and homey in the midst of chaos, or a bit of backstory about how they fell in love.

Request 2 Doctor Who

Eleventh Doctor/River Song
Amy Pond/Rory Williams & River Song
Amy Pond/Rory Williams
Twelfth Doctor/River Song
Jack Harkness/River Song
River Song & Rory Williams
Amy Pond & River Song
Eleventh Doctor & Amy Pond & Rory Williams
Donna Noble & River Song
Twelfth Doctor & Jack Harkness & Missy
Eleventh Doctor & Tenth Doctor

Mostly I'm in Doctor Who for the 11 (or as I call him Doctor Squishy-Face) ♥ I'd love either a missing scene or pre-canon/post canon... like maybe about Amy and Rory winding up together in NYC where they find a little girl who is lost and alone and remembers very little about herself except that once, she had wanted to be an astronaut. Or more bits of "Pond Life" or a page from River and The Doctor's diary. For the Doctor/River (while I ship the fuck out of 11/River) I also wouldn't mind some 12/River, or maybe she compares and contrasts all the Doctors she knows. The Jack/River is just because two people that sexually charged with vortex manipulators are bound to have hooked up at least once, am I right? And how weird would the shenanigans with 12, Jack and Missy be? I have no idea what I want with that, I just really want it. ;)

Request 3 Hart of Dixie

Zoe Hart/Wade Kinsella
Earl Kinsella & Wade Kinsella
Lavon Hayes & Wade Kinsella
Lavon Hayes/Annabeth Nass
Lavon Hayes & Zoe Hart
Lemon Breeland & Wade Kinsella
Wade Kinsella & George Tucker

Bored one long weekend and trolling along Netflix looking for something new and I took a chance on this show. And at the end of the weekend, I was almost at the end of the show. I'm just SUCH a sucker for this sort of story. The fish-out-of-water stories, the quirky town folk stories. Any missing scene would be good, any of the ones without Zoe in them would be awesome to have some pre-canon. For the romance ones, I love Lavon/Annabeth and was really sad about them not winding up together. They were so cute! I also like Wade/Zoe, but would prefer a story of them getting together in all it's messy glory rather than them being happily ever after together.

Request 4 MASH

I don't even remember what characters and relationships were up for consideration in this fandom, but since I love EVERY character (to various degrees) and would LOVE anything with any relationship, I just put "Any." Seriously, go crazy! Specifically? I love Hawkeye being put in his place and being contrite about it. I like missing scenes as well as post season. This is a great fandom to explore the epistolary style. I LOVED the letters home motif that this show did so well. Maybe once they get home, one of them misses the confessional that a letter sent far off to someone who isn't in their lives compels and starts a penpal relationship? What would they say in a letter that they'd never say in person?

Request 5 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

Chirrut Îmwe/Baze Malbus & Bodhi Rook & Cassian Andor & Jyn Erso & K-2SO
Galen Erso & Bodhi Rook
Chirrut Îmwe & Baze Malbus & Jyn Erso
Chirrut Îmwe & any Jedi
Cassian Andor & Rebel soldiers
Cassian Andor & Jyn Erso & K-2SO
Cassian Andor & his parents
Bodhi Rook & Baze Malbus & Cassian Andor & Chirrut Îmwe & Jyn Erso & K-2SO
Jyn Erso & K-2SO
Cassian Andor & K-2SO

As you can tell with this (and many other of my requests), I'm all about the gen right now. Not that there can't be romantic overtones, but just that I want the relationship explored without the goal of sexy-times being in play. For this one, (and SPOILERS if you haven't seen the movie, look away!) I'd like it to take place either in canon (a missing scene, maybe a character study in relation to the other) or pre-canon. I don't really want any of them to miraculous survive. I know, how sad is that? But I'm not ready to tinker with that particular problem right now. What I'd really like from any Cassian based story is backstory. What exactly did he endure? Who did he lose? Backstory for Chirrut and Baze would be ace too!

Request 6 Star Wars Original Trilogy

Leia Organa/Han Solo
Lando Calrissian & Han Solo
Han Solo/Leia Organa & Luke Skywalker

ANYTHING! WRITE ME ANYTHING FOR THESE PEOPLE AND I WILL BE HAPPY! And this one, if you're so inclined, can get as smexy as you want between Leia and Han. Show me some sweet, sweet love...or some snarky, tumultuous love. Or maybe how Han and Leia start a family and make sure Luke is involve in it. Even bits of Ben's inclusion? Sure, go for it! For the Lando and Han, maybe some backstory? A how-they-met story, or one of their dealings with each other? And by all means, feel free to um... fuse those last two fandoms together to your heart's content. Shhhh, I won't tell. ♥

Basically though, have fun. Don't stress about the details. It's all good.

And if you'd like a second opinion about my likes and whatnots, [personal profile] redsnake05 is your go-to. Not only do they know me really well, they also know how to translate my babble into normal-person speak. ;)
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But, never fear! I am here now and I will give you all the love, encouragement and helpful tidbits to help make this an amazeball Yule Season for us both!


I'm so glad we have at least one tiny fandom in common, that means I already love you and think you have impeccable taste!

So, I guess I bit about my likes/dislikes in general and then I'll wax poetic about my fandom loves and give you some ideas and whatnot, yes? Okay, let's begin:

Things I'm a fan of:


Character studies
Characters dealing with their shit
Relationships that just barely work, or shouldn't but somehow do.
Found families/chosen families
Journeys (both the physical of travel and also spiritual/mental)
A/Us (both canon divergent, what-ifs and completely taking the characters--though retaining what makes them them obvs--out of the canon and dumping them anywhere else (I'll give specific ideas below).
hi-jinks and shenanigans
witty dialogue
epistolary stories or elements
geography or location so rich and real it's another character

Everything on the gen list still applies, but also:
coming out
dealing with new feelings
mixed signals
sexual exploration

Things I'm less a fan of:

PWP-- I don't mind sex, or kinks, but I'd also really like some substance and reasoning coming into play. But if you're here for treats, ALL THE PORNZ!!
Incest/chan/rape fantasy
Extreme kinks-- sexual exploration is one thing, watersports/pony play is quite another. Worried you might cross the line, contact [personal profile] redsnake05 she knows where my line is.
sappy, happy, overly fluffy-- unless you're here for treats, then tell me a cute little happy story about bunnies and kitties if that's your thing. :)
character bashing

And I think that's about it. Now, on to the fandoms!

Sirens (Brian and Voodoo)

Ace myself, I'm always looking for my representation in any show I watch, so imagine how fucking jazzed I was when I met Voodoo and how very sad I was that the show was so short lived. I'd love, love, love to see anything with these two-- or even just one of them if you wanted to do some sort of character study--either more during the show's run that we didn't see, or expounding on what we did see, or, or taking us into the future. Maybe they get back together and how does that work? Can they make each other happy and if not, why not? If they just remain friends, how would that work?

Hart of Dixie (Wade, Lavon and George)

I just discovered this show a few months ago and DEVOURED it! It hits so many of my favorite things. Quirky towns people (though a bit more Gilmore Girls than Northern Exposure) and fish out of water, and also that teen-romance type thing like Dawson's Creek--it is really SOO very much Dawson's Creek for adults (I mean, come on! Zoe/Wade are SOOOOO Joey/Pacey, imorite?!?!)

And while I just put these three boys, don't feel that you can't include anyone else, or that you have to ship them with each other, or really anyone else, though you certainly can. I just really like the idea of hearing more about the town before Zoe came to town and brought us with her. So, feel free to explore more of the Lavon/Lemon relationship, or the George/Lemon or I'd love to hear about some of the shenanigans Wade, George (and Lemon) got into in highschool. (And while she wasn't nominated so feel free to ignore, I am a big, big fan of Annabell so anytime you want to include her in the shenanigans, feel free.) ♥

Really, I just want to live in the world of the show for a bit more to get over the fact that I have no more canon to consume.

Mary Poppins (Bert and Mary)

Now this love has been in my soul for pretty much my whole life and still dominates my thoughts and feelings. Basically, I still want to be Mary Poppins when I grow up.

A few ideas for you:
The Mary was Bert's Nanny Theory

Mary is a Time Lord and Bert was a Companion

Mary Poppins got expelled from Hogwarts

Basically, I am giving you permission to get freaky with this one. ;)

Dawson's Creek Any

This has always been my guilty pleasure as I was WAYYY past the age of its target audience by the time it came out. I just couldn't help it, I loved the language of it and the self-awareness of it. During the run of the show, I shipped Joey/Pacey pretty hard, I loved the relationship between Dawson/Jen in the college years and would have loved to see that played out more. I loved Jack (though I can't remember if he was actually nommed) and pretty much shipped him with everyone. Pacey and Joshua Jackson is my boo. ♥ So, any fun you want to have with any of that, go for it!

In the years that have passed since it's end, I've also toyed with the idea of Pacey/Jen after I wrote a story for Yuletide once. I'm also in love with the way the actors (mainly Joshua and James) reference and pay tribute to their time on the show. (I just mainlined the entire Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 and it made me love JVB in a way I never did while he was Dawson.) So, if you want to do something with that--not RPF really, but you know in that last episode where there were actors playing their parts? What if Dawson and the gang were just actors? What sort of hi-jinks would they get into off-set.

Or you know, a bakery AU or something. ;) Whatever... I just love these knucleheads. ♥

Northern Exposure (Joel and Marilyn)

Okay, I know I'm really limiting myself by only signing up with these two characters, so truly, write whatever inspires you in this fandom and I will love it. Last year I got this piece of amazing NE/WTNV fusion that not in a million years would I have been creative enough to actually request. So, part of me wants to just leave you a blank slate.

But... I guess I should clarify a bit why I asked for Marilyn and Joel specifically. I just love their relationship soooo much. How puzzled and frazzled she made him, how they cared about each other in a very bizarre and endearing way. Remember that time that Marilyn went to Seattle and Joel was so worried he followed her there? How adorable and unnecessary that was? God I loved that episode.. them just walking down the street doing exactly what she wants to do. ♥ ♥ So, anything that explores that relationship would be amazing.

Wonder Boys Any

I love Terry/James, but what I really, really love is the relationship between Terry and Grady. I'd just love to read more about their takes on the author/editor dynamic, more drug fueled shenanigans. Maybe they go on a road trip? Maybe they have to go and save James again in some way... or maybe he's lost somewhere and they have to piece together clues to sort out his truths and fictions to collect him. I also really love Hannah, so feel free to throw her into the mix if you'd like.

So, those are just a few ideas and suggestions, take what works, dismiss all that doesn't... or all of it really. I trust you. I trust your judgement, I mean, you love what I love, you have to be awesome. *nods*

And again, I apologize that this took so long to get up and finished. :(
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How are you? Good? I hope so. Excited to write something magical? Awesome! I'm dying to read something glorious myself. This is going to be awesome! ♥

In general I am very hard to disappoint and am VERY enthusiastic about the things I love, and of course these things I requested are things I love--A LOT. So, this should be easy and fun for you.

First, I'll give you a bit about my likes in general and then I'll get into the nitty-gritty specifics. I like STORY and CHARACTER and character development. I like dialogue heavy stories and emotional turmoil stories and characters dealing-with-their-shit stories. I'm not too fussed with happily ever after, but am a sucker for hopeful endings, or endings that leave something to the imagination (without reading as unfinished).

I'm equally jazzed for witty dialogue and hijinks as I am in angst and working through trauma, so where ever your inspiration takes you. I also am a lover of fusions, AUs and crossovers as well as world building and character study. Like I said before, there is really very few ways you can disappointment me.

But I guess that leads into what I'm not really looking for... PWP (I mean sex is fine, lovely even, but it's got to have more than that, cool?), incest in anyway, sugary-sweet fluff (funny is great, happy is lovely, but I'd like some depth with my fun little happy story).

Basically, think of all the rest of this letter as helpful suggestions and nothing more. If you love the characters, are tender to them and weave them around a story, wrap them lovingly with language and consideration, I’ll be the happiest recip ever.

Hmmm. Now, what did I request again? Let's see.

To Kill a Mockingbird Atticus and Scout Finch

I love this book so very much! SO VERY!! And I know that I put Scout and Atticus, but it doesn't need to be both of them. And you can add anyone you want (especially Boo Radley, OMG, I love me some Boo!) but I'd like the story to feature either Scout or Atticus (or both).

Now, if you signed up for this in hope to write a story that encompasses both TKAM and GSAW let me tell you that I fully support this and would LOVE that. But also to tell you that I have not read GSAW. I want to, I really do, but I'm terrified. So if you want to write an in-between story, a story that would help ease me into taking the plunge to read the sequel, I would love you forever. But, if you too haven't read it, no worries, I'm very happy to get anything in this universe. Want some prompts? Canon through Atticus' eyes. Or something about the family before the story began. Maybe Atticus starts seeing someone and how does that affect the children? Or maybe Boo and Scout become some sort of pen pals? Scout takes it upon herself to befriend Boo in different ways and Atticus trying to stop her to no avail.

Glass Family Saga - J. D. Salinger Buddy Glass

Again, I put Buddy, but that doesn't mean all the others can't be involved as well. Buddy is just my favorite and I'd really like a story where he's the protagonist, not just the narrator or the piece-picker-upper. I'd really like a story where they all have to rally together on his behalf, either before or after all the Glass family canon. I know some people don't like kiddie fics, but I'd be fascinated to read a story about this family as children geniuses. How must it have been to be in the family, to raise that family? Maybe some Glass style shenanigans, or bonding... or both. Or maybe just a Buddy character study. I'll admit, it's been a really long since I've read these books--but back in the day, I read them ALOT-- and I'd really just like to revisit them for a while. ♥

The Way (2010) Any character

I'm pretty sure no one signed up to write this, so I'm pretty sure you're not here for this detail, so I'll just use this space to recommend highly this amazing movie. And also to inform that it is now streaming on Netflix and Amazon... and if you were wondering, I would have ABSOLUTELY no problem with a RPF of this story and will point out to you while the father and son Estevez and Sheen were making this gorgeous movie, Charlie was having his very famous meltdown... Let that soak in... ♥

Miranda (TV) Miranda and Gary

Miranda♥Gary. I love them so. And yes, it seems as if their story is complete and they live happily ever after (and I am beyond happy about that) but that doesn't mean I don't want more of their shenanigans--just maybe without some of that last few episodes angst please. Does Gary actually get Miranda out of the country FINALLY? Do they take Stevie on their honeymoon? Do they ever have their two kids Cliff Richards and Richard Richards, or Orlando and Bloom? Really, any bit of these two would be just lovely. And I'd totally be up for a crossover/fusion or A/U with these guys, or maybe a pre-canon uni type thing.

Northern Exposure Ed, Chris and Joel

I just finished a complete rewatch of this series and am now ready to delve wholeheartedly into fic based on it. And while I love all the characters (well, most of them, Maurice skeeves me more and more as I get older), I'd really love something that focuses on any (or all) of the listed characters. I don't care if it's gen, het or slash, whose in a relationship with who, I just want to read about these quirky and crazy people. I love Joel's transformation throughout the series and wouldn't mind anything with him from any time period, though this time watching, I gotta say, I wish there was more of his time in the woods becoming one with Alaska. I'd love to see more of Ed and his obsession with movies--what would he think of modern movie making? Does he ever make his blockbuster? IF so, what does that do to him. And Chris, sweet crazy Chris. There is literally nothing you could do with that man that I wouldn't adore.

And though they weren't nommed so you can do with this what you want, or nothing at all, but I love, love, love beyond reason Marilyn and would love to see her featured some way in this--especially if you focus on Joel. I love them together. ♥ ♥ And again, I would be quite okay with crossover/fusions or A/Us.

Just go crazy!

And above all, HAVE FUN!

See you on the other side with a crap-ton of squee and devotion!

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Hello! Hello! Hello!

I'm admitting this right up front, I'm totes stealing this letter from all the other letters I've written through the years. I've just skimmed them all, and not only has my taste in stories not changed too overly much, neither has my requests. The things I wanted last year and the year before--both here and at Yuletide--I still want. Even if I've received them before.

And I'm lazy.

So, here goes:

Letter Under Here )
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Why, hello there!

How are you? Feeling good? Excited to get started?

Me too!

This is going to be the BEST Yuletide yet, I can just feel it!

So, without further ado:

Generally Speaking:

In general I am very hard to disappoint and am VERY enthusiastic about the things I love, and of course these things I requested are things I love--A LOT. So, this should be easy and fun for you.

A bit about my likes in general and then I'll get into the nitty-gritty. I like STORY and CHARACTER and character development. I like dialogue heavy stories and emotional turmoil stories and characters dealing-with-their-shit stories. I'm not too fussed with happily ever after, but am a sucker for hopeful endings, or endings that leave something to the imagination (without reading as unfinished). I have nothing against romance and sex, but I'd like a story that might include that but not be entirely about that.

I love experimental stylings, so feel free to use this opportunity to explore that epistolary story you've always wanted to write, or that second person risk you've always wanted to take. Always wanted to tell a story entirely through text messages? Go for it! Oh, which leads me to the next thing... humor. It's not necessary (especially in the Inkheart request) but it is muchly appreciated. I love me some angst too, so that's cool, but I'm a sucker for witty dialogue and hijinks. I'm also a sucker for AU and crossovers.

Basically, think of all the rest of this letter as helpful suggestions and nothing more. If you love the characters, are tender to them and weave them around a story, wrap them lovingly with language and consideration, I’ll be the happiest Yuletider ever.

By Fandom:

Inkheart Series:

OMGOMGOMG! You can not believe how excited I am that this was nommed this year. For the last four or so years I have nommed this series in anything it was eligible to nom it in and NOT ONCE were there any other people who requested or offered to write it that wasn't me. So this year I had given up on it happening and then squealed like a lunatic when I saw someone else nommed it! If it was you, THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I can't be the only one who, after reading the series, wanted to DEVOUR all the fics in all the world about this universe and these characters! And yet, I was shocked with how little there was out there. I feel I've read them all and yet haven't had nearly enough. And yes, what is out there is mostly Mo/Dustfinger, so I feel weird asking for more, but like I said, THERE ISN'T ENOUGH!

Their story is just RIFE with emotions and plot fills and tell-me-mores and I want them all! Not sure if you've read/are offering the entire series or just the first one so will put this under a white out thinger. I want to know more about their journey to and from the land of death, I want to know more about their connection after their return. I'd also like to know more about the process of Dustfinger first coming out of the book, how was that very first meeting? How did Mo feel about the responsibility? How could it all have been different?

I'm not too fussed about it being a shippy story, gen is completely fine. Character building is also fine. You don't even have to include both of them really. Maybe you want to delve deep into a bit of Dustfinger backstory? Maybe a moment or two in Mo's life (either before or after the series begins or after it ends), that would be lovely. I just love these guys so much!

To Kill a Mockingbird Really anything goes with this. Maybe Boo and Scout become penpals or something. Maybe a story about Atticus before he had children, or before he lost his wife, or when he was a kid? Maybe Boo as a kid? Maybe just a snippet of a thing with Jem and Scout sitting at Atticus' knee as he tells them some story. ANYTHING besides incest WOULD BE ACES!

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest ANYTHING! I don't want/need it to be shippy or anything. I'd just love either a A/U ending where Chief doesn't smother McMurphy with a pillow (wait, does that happen in the book or movie? I can't remember... ooops, spoiler?) but instead they find some way to escape and they have some roadtrip shenanigans of some sort. Or maybe even just some lovely moments of McMurphy telling stories to Chief not thinking any of it was resonating with the man, only to have subtle signs that Chief was paying attention to every word he heard. Again, ANYTHING would be awesome!

Smoke Signals I'll be honest, I'm way more familiar with the short story and the collection it is included in than I am the movie. I've only seen it a few times, but the book I've read about a million times. There is nothing you could do with these characters that I wouldn't love and be intrigued by. NO LIE.

Just a warning (though, I'm sure since you offered to write it--if that is, you are here for this request and not one of the others--you are the last person who needs this warning... still) while I'm not from the tribe portrayed in the movie/book, I am from the town that is featured. Alexie is like my very own hometown hero, so please handle the material with respect and understanding.

M*A*S*H* I have just loved every story I've read in Yuletide written for this fandom and so am tossing my hat in the ring to ask for it. I love Hawkeye and his humor and how it masks a very deep and angstastic pain. I love the conversations he has with Sidney and I love the relationship of mentor/hero he has with Radar and would love any fic about any of them. Or about just one of them, actually.

This would be a great time to get out the ol' epistolary vibe out and give me some letters--either between any of the three (maybe a future fic?) or letters back home type things. I always loved the premise of story telling through the Letters to Home premise. This show was soooo good at that!

Miranda I just discovered this series a few months ago and since discovering, have watched all three series about a gazillion times--give or take a million. I love it so much I can't even...

I haven't read any fic for it though, so don't worry about telling stories that have already been told. They haven't been told to me. ;)

What I'd really want of course is the What the Hell Next story! What does she decide? How does this all affect Mike's original offer and how does that all play out. I ship Miranda/Gary like I've never shipped a het couple in my life, but you take the fic any direction you want, as long as you sell me on it.

Or you can write something else entirely. Maybe a 10 Years Later... fic. Maybe they all go their separate ways and then one of them comes a calling when they're 45 because they are "safety spouses" and one of them is there to collect. ♥ ANYTHING REALLY!

And that's it. Have fun! See you on the other side with all my love and adoration for your dedication to characters we love! ♥♥♥

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